Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Girls and their 'fauxhawks' :)

Olivia Grace @ 8 days old

Alyssa Belle @ 8 weeks old

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Enjoying every Moment...

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to write to say we're doing GREAT!! I've been enjoying every moment with my girls and husband and feel beyond blessed to be living this dream!! The girls are doing FABULOUS! Alyssa is growing to be such an AWESOME big sister and she seems to be maturing inside and out very rapidly. And Olivia is PERFECT!! She is eating, peeing and pooping like a champ!! ;) She seems to be noticeably growing every day! The onesie she has on here is a size Small NOT a size Newborn and it fits her well at just 5 days old!! She is a very happy baby, thus making us very happy parents!! I'm recovering really quickly and I feel great!! Travis is continuing to be an AMAZING Daddy and has been able to work from home this week to take care of his ladies. Jack and Bauer have adjusted to having another 'member of the pack' with no issues at all, and Bauey is just thrilled to have another person to watch over! :) We are extremely THANKFUL for the many blessings in our lives and have GOD to thank for it all. I hope things are going equally wonderful in your lives, you are able to take everyday as a gift and also enjoy every moment.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Olivia's Baby Shower

I would like to start out by thanking my wonderful Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law for throwing us the BEST baby shower EVER!!! It was AWESOME!!! They did an amazing job on the decorations, the cake, and the games! Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves! Travis and I are so grateful for Mom & Vicki for all their hard work, love and support!

*The Proud Parents*

Alyssa was sooo happy her friend "La La" came to her 'Big Sister Party' :)

The Soon-to-be BIG Sisters!!
And our friends Ashley & Nicole with their sons Silas & Zeke

Our Friends: Dustin & Emily,
My Dad (the proud Grandpa)
And Kayala (being a cutie!)

*Silly La-La*

Okay, this is NOT what it looks like!!
Unless you're thinking Candybar in a diaper, then it's EXACTLY what it looks like!
Vicki was in charge of the games and came up with this one:
Guess what Candybar is melted in the Diaper.

For the guests who have children, it was an all too familiar sight...
and for those who don't, it was a nice reminder of why not! ;)

Risa, Russ & Ken, trying to guess if it's the Baby Ruth, NutRageous, or Reeses...
They were aloud to look, smell, and even taste if they really wanted!

It was Hilarious!!!

Alyssa went ahead and gave it a taste-test - EEeeeewww!!!
Remind me to keep her away from Olivia's poopy diapers!! ;)

Nicole was the winner, with the help of her 6 month old baby boy, Zeke! ;)


Olivia's gift to Big Sister Alyssa Belle
(Vicki, decided it was a MUST that Big Sister receive a gift too! Such a nice and thoughtful gesture by Auntie Vicki!!!)

A Baby My Little Pony!!

And a Big Sister My Little Pony! :)

Alyssa also received an adorable Soft Teddy Bear from Uncle Ken, though not pictured. Thanks to Ken & Vicki for showering our oldest Little Princess with Love as well!! :)

A rattle for baby! Thanks Ash!!

Nicole made these SUPER cute onesies and bibs for Olivia!!

A 'Pirate Princess' Onesie from Nicole & Zeke! :)

Russ & Risa picked out some adorable outfits!!
Baby Olive Q is going to be Stylin'!! :)

The cutest Christmas Beanie ever!!!
(it even has little antlers!) :)
Thanks Mom!!

Again, I want to send a BIG thanks to everyone who made this such a wonderful day!!! I am beyond grateful to have such a loving and supportive group of family and friends!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

* * * S N O W * * *

Our Front Yard =)

And view from the backyard =)

* * * * Let it Snow!!! * * * *

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Playing at the Park

Alyssa's been staying pretty cooped up lately. With Mommy being on bedrest- trying to keep the little 'Olivia Bun' in the oven until 'fully cooked' and also with the flu going around, we've been doing our best to stay home and find things to do to keep us occupied here. However, we decided to make an exception on Tuesday afternoon after Mommy & Olivia's Doctor appointment, and we stopped by our favorite park on Bend's east-side. Alyssa had a blast!! So I wanted to post a few pics we got that day. . .

And here is a little video of Alyssa and Daddy swinging at the park. I was excited to try out the 'video feature' on my new camera, it works pretty well. So look forward to seeing and hearing more video feed from us! :)

By the way, Alyssa is FINE! She is so tough, she got right up after jumping off the swing, like nothing even happened! Next time though, Daddy will think twice about jumping off his swing because he now knows, his dare-devil daughter will be jumping right behind him! ;)

For an Olivia update, just want everyone to know she is doing well! She's still quite the acrobat in there, always moving around like crazy!! Heartbeat is good. Mom's blood pressure is good. The only thing that has the Dr. a little concerned is that I am dilated to almost a 2 already and having some pretty strong intermittent contractions lately. I have been put on STRICT bedrest until November 14th , when my Dr. feels I will be past the 'safe point' and free to be more active again without the worry of it causing preterm labor. Counting down the days!!! It actually works out perfectly because Saturday the 14th is when my wonderful Mother-in-law & Sister-in-law have planned to throw a shower for us! I am so excited to get to the 'safe point' and get to spend the day with family and friends celebrating our new baby girl's highly anticipated arrival! :)