Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Proud Mommy Survey

Proud Mommies
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1. Child(ren)'s age(s)?
1 1/2

2. Name(s)?
Alyssa Belle Quesenberry

3. Birthday(s)?
May 4, 2007

4. Time of birth?

5. How long did labor last?
All day. We arrived to the hospital around 9am. Epidural around noon. She was here just four hours later.

6. Who was in the room when the baby was born?
My husband, Mom Q, Vicki, a couple amazing nurses and Dr. Weeks.

7. How long did u push?
I don't remember, the time seemed to fly by and I was pretty out of it. But my husband says it was about a half hour.

8. Weight(s)?
7 lbs 9oz

9. Length(s)?
20 inches

10. Any hair?
Lots of dark black, curly hair!

11. Who does baby look like?

12. How much weight did you gain? Be honest.
I'm not sure, but probably around 40 lbs. (I closed my eyes every time I got on the scale!)

13. Was baby early or late?
Alyssa Belle tried to come a month early! Travis was gone on business and had to take the soonest flight back from Maryland, when I called to tell him I was having contractions. They were able to stop the labor. Then for the next two weeks I was in and out of the hospital for premature labor and high blood pressure. Alyssa was determined to get here early! I was put on bed rest for 3 weeks and Alyssa finally arrived May 4th, 13 days before her due date, but completely healthy!

14. Who drove u home from the hospital?
Vicki drove us home. Mom and Dad Q were there waiting for us. They brought us pizza and chicken and everyone ooh'd and ah'd over Baby Belle. I remember feeling really scared when everyone started to head home. Reality had set in, we're parents now... WHAT DO WE DO?! Well, what we did was go on No Sleep for the first week, we worried and stressed over every little burp and fart. We held the baby when she was sleeping instead of putting her in her bassinet, like we knew we probably should have. We loved her more than we ever imagined.

15. How many baby showers did u have?
One. It was amazing! Everyone from our church was there, family who we hadn't seen in months came from all over. We crammed over 40 people in our tiny house. We played games, had the most beautiful cake and we were given all that we needed to care for a baby and so much more! One thing I do remember was a tool set, Travis' dad gave him as a baby shower gift, it was so sweet. :)

16. When did baby start sleeping thru the night?
Alyssa always slept through the night perfectly. The only thing was, she needed to be sleeping next to mommy and daddy to do it. We're still working on this with her. Now she has a big girl bed, but still tends to wander into our bed in the middle of the night.

17. Did u breastfeed?
yes. Alyssa was exclusively breast fed for 15 months. I was worried she'd have a tough time being weened. So we decided that it would be perfect timing to do it while Travis and I were away on vacation and she stayed with Auntie Vicki and Uncle Jordan for the weekend. It worked out great. Alyssa was slowly weened after we returned. & She became more and more independent from then, on.

18. If not,what kind of formula?
Alyssa was never given formula.

19. Who keeps your baby the most?
I do, of course! :) I'm a stay at home mom. Travis and I both feel very strongly about not having our children be raised by babysitters. We make the sacrifices that are needed to make it possible for me to stay home with Alyssa. I am so grateful for Travis for supporting us.

20. When do you wanna have another?
Whenever the Lord blesses us with one.

21. How did u pick the name?
I came up with the name Alyssa Belle. It was pretty much the only name we could both agree on. Alyssa because I thought it was a beautiful name, that went well with Belle. And Belle after my middle name, Belinda. :) We have the same initials and I think that's kinda cool.

22. How did you know when it was time to go to the hospital?
The contractions woke me at 5am. I got up showered, shaved, did my hair and make-up. I was planning on looking good in the pictures that I knew we'd treasure for years to come. I called the doctor, Called Mom Q. I don't know how I knew, I just did. I had enough practice with premature labor, by then I knew what it felt like!

23. What was your pain managment?
Epidural Baby!!

24. Did u go home or somehere else when u left the hospital?
We went home the following morning.

25. First thoughts when he/she was born?
Oh my goodness... I don't know what my first thoughts were, mostly just feelings. Overwhelmed with Joy, Happiness, Love, ect. I remember I kept asking if she was okay, even though I knew she more than okay, she was perfect; I just wanted to keep hearing it though. I kept looking at my husband, looking at Alyssa Belle and then I knew, he was going to be the most amazing father. Alyssa was so beautiful, The most beautiful thing I'd ever lay my eyes on. & everything was perfect.

All proud mommies fill this out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Silly Lyss!

Today the fam realized we were way overdue for a lazy day. We spent the day playing, laughing and relaxing together at home. As always, Alyssa Belle kept us quite amused. See pictures below:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Today my daughter decided she needs some space.

So today was a day just like every other day, we ate breakfast, took a shower, read a book or two or five . . had lunch. But then something I didn't expect happened.
I was following Alyssa Belle around the house, playing with her like I always do, but she just wasn't feeling it today. I would go up to her and offer to read her favorite book, "No, No Mommy!" I would pick up a baby and ask if she needed me to babysit for a while, she immediately grabs baby from me, "No, No Mommy!" Ok, I get the point.
I proceeded to go about my business, and a few minutes later went to check on her. It had got quiet. Checked the living room, nope, not watching cartoons... Checked my room. Nope, not messing with the computer... And as I stepped out of my room, I heard her. She was in her room playing nicely with her baby dolls. But the door was shut. I propped the door back open and went back to my dirty dishes.
Two minutes later, the door was shut, AGAIN. I looked in on her and it was just like before, she was sitting down with her babies, feeding them, reading to them. . She didn't even bother to say "Hi" or even look up for that matter.
& That's when it hit me, she's growing up. She's independent now. She's not my little baby anymore. I'm very proud of her. & I knew this was going to happen, I just assumed it wouldn't at least until after her 2nd birthday!