Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Wonderful Wednesday

Playin' in the sprinkler

Today was a HOT one. Alyssa played in the sprinkler this afternoon. I was happy to get my house-cleaning done in the morning and be able to relax all afternoon. I threw some ribs in the slow cooker w/bbq sauce, so dinner will be a cinch! Our friend Ken is coming over to join us for dinner tonight and to play boardgames. It's definitely been a wonderful Wednesday.

I do hope Trav's day @ the office is going as well as ours at home. Days like this make me feel pretty guilty to have the luxury of staying home and playing with Alyssa all day. I think about Travis being stuck in the office on beautiful days like this, dealing with more stress than I can imagine, and though I do tell him every day how much I love and appreciate him, that doesn't change the fact that he has to be there, when I know he'd rather be here. Bless his heart and thank God that we have him in our life.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Day @ the Beach

Happy to be on our way to the Beach!!

"Where's the ocean Lyss??"

Daddy & Alyssa Belle

My Two Favorite People in the Universe

Going out to see the waves.

World's Greatest Dad

Let's Go!


Mommy & Lyss

Playin' in the Sand

Queez Castle

Time to destroy it...

Go Lyss!!

She pretty much LOVES this!!!

Lazy Lions (Guess they had the day off too)


Keeping Lyss happy @ Mo's.

You would be this happy too!!

My Love

Yep, I'm a Dork!!

Trav's trying to compete with my dorkiness...
I win! :P

Sour Face

Dungeness Crab-Cakes... delicious!!!


THIS is how much I love Mo's!!!

Belle & Belinda @ Aunt Belinda's Candies

I'm counting my blessings and thanking the lord!!

This is Anna-Happy!! :)

Mr. & Mrs. Q, not wanting to leave the Oregon Coast.

Trav's energy supply. Bless his heart for driving ALL day!!

After a long day at the Oregon Coast

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Day in the Life of Alyssa Belle

7:45am Breakfast

Strawberry French Toast!!!

One of Alyssa's Favorites!!

"Not while I'm eating, MOM!"


Almost Done!!

8:30am Brushing Teeth

Alyssa brushes...

And Brushes some more...
Then it's Mom's turn to re-brush them ;)

This one is to show you how LONG Alyssa's hair is getting!!

Mommy still won't let anyone cut it!

8:40am Getting Dressed

8:45am Get Hair Styled

We're 1/2 way there!

That's My Pretty Girl!

"Awe Thanks Mom!"

Time to practice our Singing

Alyssa LOVES to Sing!

She REALLY gets into it!

Conference Call to Daddy

"Ok Dad, see you at 6 o'clock, on the dot!
Love you, Bye."

Her first client arrives at the Beauty Shop...
It's Dora!

She Curls...

And curls some more...

Cooking with Alyssa

Stir it...

Check to see if it's done.

Taste Test!


Gotta Love Dr. Suess!

She reads to her baby...

Alyssa loves reading!

This book just got interesting!

12pm Lunch

PBJ, Yogurt, Goldfish :)


She loves dipping!
She's gonna dip that goldfish right into her yogurt!

2pm Nap-Time

And that concludes our Day in the Life of Alyssa Belle. Time for Mommy to get some work done around the house! :)

(P.S. The remainder of the day will most likely include some meltdowns, maybe a few tears and time-outs and nobody wants to see that! )