Monday, April 13, 2009

The Quesenberry's Easter 2009

Easter Morning

The illustrious Easter Basket!!! Thanks to Mom for putting it away last year, Alyssa was able to re-use her pretty Bunny Basket again this year and she even got a few new goodies inside! Grandma Berk sent over a few goodies to go inside as well, along with the most beautiful Easter dress. Here are the photos from Easter morning.

a PINK Chocolate Bunny from Grandma Berk

An Easter Book!

What else is in here???


Alyssa LOVES Dora!

But wait, there's more...



After all the excitement, Alyssa patiently waits to go out to dinner with Mamaw & Poppy.

Alyssa was so happy to see Mamaw and Poppy when they arrived at Mcgraths and she was thrilled to see Mamaw had brought her a big soft stuffed Easter Ducky (not pictured). We had a wonderful dinner and Alyssa impressed us all by being a perfect little angel at the restaurant. We found out she even likes Calamari!! After dinner we came home and had a nice relaxing evening just the three of us. It was a great way to end a wonderful weekend. We just wish it didn't have to end so soon!

Alyssa Belle's First Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday morning we woke up early and enjoyed a delicious breakfast that my amazing husband made us. Isn't he just the greatest?!!

After breakfast, we headed to Bend to go to an Easter Egg Hunt at the Old Mill. We were surprised to see hundreds of families in line waiting. We inched our way through the line and by the time we got to where the eggs were hidden, they were gone; it was a total mess. All the bigger kids had ran ahead and they were happily leaving with full baskets, while most of the younger kids had nothing. We were a little bummed, but Alyssa didn't seem to mind a bit! She was just happy to be out with her family and to be around a bunch of other kids.

A few of the nicer big girls gave Alyssa some of their plastic eggs. Alyssa was so happy to have "EGGS!!" and we thanked them for sharing. When Alyssa wasn't looking, we took some eggs out of her basket and tossed them on the grass in front of her so she could "find" them. We got to meet the Easter Bunny and then we walked around the Old Mill for a bit looking at all the recycled Art they have displayed. It was a great day! The weather cooperated (for the most part) and Alyssa had a blast at her very first egg hunt!

Here are the pics:

On our way to the egg hunt.

High Five Easter Bunny!!

Alyssa's not so sure about this...


"I think I got 'em all!"