Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa's visit to Oregon

Grandma Ruby & Grandpa Gene came to Oregon to visit us last week. It was so great to get to spend time with them and I'm pretty sure they had a blast as well. Grandpa hadn't seen Alyssa since she was just five months old and he kept saying how he couldn't believe how much she's grown up since then.

Alyssa and I headed over to Dad's house with Grandma & Grandpa on Thursday. Grandma & Grandpa, Dad, Lyss and I had a wonderful dinner at Izzy's that night. Then on Friday night, Dad went to pick up the kids from Washington and Travis met up with us on Saturday morning. It was awesome to get the family together.

After a delicious breakfast, (biscuits and gravy-my favorite*) we all headed to the park. It was a beautiful day and we had a ton of fun! Dad, Trav and the kids got to play some b-ball together. The 'Old Guys' pit against the 'Youngins' and if you can believe it, the 'Old Guys' took the win 12-14!! Brandon and Kayli demanded for a rematch, but I'm pretty sure the 'Old Guys' were far too beat at that point. We hung out at the park for a long time then I urged Nicki to suggest Dairy Queen icecream on the way home and I finally got my soft-serve craving satisfied!

We watched a movie and had dinner before Travis, Alyssa and I had to get back home to the dogs. It was sad to say goodbye, but we really hope to see Grandma & Grandpa again soon, hopefully in the Spring! :) Here are the pics from their trip.
Lots of Love,

* F A M I L Y *

Daddy & Alyssa Belle :)

Alyssa Belle, smiling big for Great Grandpa :)

Aunt Nicki, pushing Lyssie on the tire swing

Kayli-Great form!!

"The Youngins"

"The Old Guys"

That's my Dad!! :)

Go Hubby Go!!
The Old Guys took the win, 12-14!

Break Time

Playing on the playground :)

My handsome Bro-Geno

Grandma & Grandpa enjoying their Oregon Vacation :)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

To: My wonderful-amazing Husband

So, I've been on bedrest for over a month now, and my amazing husband has totally become SuperDad/SuperHubby. For those that may not know, Travis works full-time and has a pretty stressful job. He comes home to a very hyper 2 year old (suffering from major cabin fever) and a cranky pregnant wife who's going crazy out of boredom (and feeling like she is the size of a house!) He makes a quick dinner and plays with his hyper-active toddler until 'bedtime'. He reads to her, gets her pj's on and fights the 'big-girl-bed battle' single-handedly. Then he is up-late massaging his insomniac wifey and listening to her rant. Then gets a few hours of restless sleep, next to the world's worst bedhog (not to mention the 5,000 pillows that surround her) and then it's up early to do it all over again ,day in and day out.

So I just gotta say, my husband is the greatest!!! I have more love and appreciation for him than I could ever express. And I wanted to take some time out, to express some of my extreme gratitude for all that he does.

Trav-You're an amazing father, husband and provider! You are my best friend and soulmate. You have made me, and continue to make me, the happiest woman on the planet. I don't know what I'd do without you!!

I cannot wait until our youngest daughter arrives, and brings more joy to our lives. Thank you for everything that you do to ensure that she doesn't come until she is healthy and ready. Even when I fight you on it sometimes ,and I whine and complain, hog the bed, send you out for ding-dongs in the middle of the night, and force you to rub my back until your hands hurt. You're the best babe!!
I Love you. -your wifey

Sunday, October 11, 2009

another 'random photo' post

Pulling Toketee in the old wagon @ Mamaw & Poppy's house...

using ALL her might! :)

Go Lyssie!!

"Good Girl, Toke!!"

Now it's Lyssie's turn, "Thanks Poppy!" :)


Alyssa making friends @ Russ & Risa's wedding. :)

Swinging with Daddy :)

Giving Kbear a push :)

Just going for it!!

Our little mechanic-
fixing a flat :)

Alyssa's cute do' (the front)

(the back)

Silliness :)

Trav, driving home with the sunroof open

"Future Monster Truck Driver"

Just Me

Trav, in a Tux @ Ryan's Wedding

She begged to get in the dog kennel with the puppy!

My Birthday Fruit Tart. MMMmmmm...

Napping with Daddy

Daddy-babysitting all of Alyssa's babies
(He's gonna kill me for posting this!!)

And a really embarrassing one of me, to be fair. ;)
No makeup first thing in the morning

Fairy Princess: Alyssa Belle