Monday, July 27, 2009

Mom Q's 50th Birthday Camp-out

The Birthday Girl had no idea what was in store for her on her 50th Birthday. We tried to keep the element of surprise up by inviting all of her family and friends to our camp-out without her knowing. All she knew was we were camping by the lake. It was so awesome to see the surprise on her face when she returned from a tour around the lake, to see all the decorations and friends and family arriving.

Alyssa Belle & Mommy

Daddy, Lyssie & Jackie Boy

Lyss & her Fish :)

Toryn's Fish-Face

A thumbs-up from my hubby :)

Alyssa's 'smore-face' :)

Cousin Paula's 'Cole-Bear'
Such a cutie!!

Love by the Lake <3

...and some more Love <3
Cousin Tommy and his beautiful wife Nicole.

*A Mother-Daughter Moment*

Cole & his Daddy, relaxing by the fire

My Bro-in-law Jordan
Grilling up the yummy kabobs I made. :)
They were a huge hit!!

Toryn & Ryan
(also pictured: Michelle's Rosie)

Alyssa Belle and her friend 'La-la'
Doing what girls do best.

Cousin Tommy,
looking very pleased with his hot-dog :)

Still a Daddy's Girl.

Our little camper

Vicki & cousin Crystal,
providing some live music/entertainment :)

Captain Travis, Co-Captain Anna,
and our Greenhorns: Toryn & Avery

Alyssa just woke up...

Cole having a ball with his Aunt Nicole.

The Boys
Ryan is unhappy about having to say goodbye to his cousins
Toryn & Avery.

TJ & Avery
enjoying their hot-dogs by the fire

Cole dressed in tye dye,
looking cute as ever!

(Mom & her friend Kandace)

Mom awaiting her gift from all of us...

Over the Hill necklace?!!
"I am NOT wearing that!" she said.

Oh yes you are! Take a closer look...

Look closer...

"Oh. My. Gosh."

Her long-lost elk pendant has been replaced!!

She has been missing this for so long.

Happy Tears :)

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Mom Q said...

You are the best. all these pics bring back all the great memories. you are the official Queez blogger! Great Job. Thanks for the tears again!1 Love you