Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is it weekend yet??

It's been kind of an uneventful week. Alyssa has been fighting a cold, so we haven't done much of anything besides hang out at home. Today, we decided to go on a walk around the neighborhood-just our usual 'loop'. I thought it'd be nice to let Alyssa walk instead of bringing the stroller along, since she's a "Big Girl" now, and because I thought it'd be a great way for her to burn off some energy ;) I was feeling a little adventurous and decided, why not just bring Jack along, adds a little more challenge to it, but what the heck ;) So we headed off on foot, just the three of us.

It was going great, at first. Alyssa was walking at a pretty decent pace, making sure to step in every single puddle in our path, and even some that weren't in our path! Jack was pretty rusty on his 'heeling' but that was to be expected. Then, it started raining. And not just sprinkling or drizzling it went from not raining at all, to full-on RAIN! :(
"It's waining Mommy!!" Alyssa started complaining, right away.
"I know it's raining Lyss, but we're a mile from our house what do you expect Mommy to do about it?"
"IT'S WAINING!!! OWEE!!" apparently to an almost 2 year old, raindrops on your hood are "owies"

So I finally got Alyssa to calm down and we started back towards the house. Alyssa's little legs started getting tired, however she DID NOT want to be carried by Mom, of course not! Then a couple with 2 dogs, on leashes thank goodness, approached us and Jack FREAKS! He starts barking and pulling like crazy on the leash while I've got Alyssa kicking and screaming in my arms. :(

All the while, the lady with the pit bull is giving me the death stare as her dog practically rips her arm off. I felt like saying, "Look lady, can't you see I have my hands full here, I'm carrying a screaming one year old, and I'm doing the best I can with my dog, he's hitched up and everything... give me a freaking break!! Throw me a freaking bone here, JEEZE!!" :P

Finally, we make it home and I put Jack in his pen. I think to myself, "Whew, we made it." I ask Lyss if she's ready to go inside now, and she decides it's okay to slap Mommy in the face with her muddy hand. Straight to bed she went!

So here I am, after that whole ordeal I have to say, I'm pretty excited about Spring and all the fun I'm sure it will entail. :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day

"I am NOT going to smile."

"Hahahahahaha!!!! Got ya!"

"I'm SUCH a comedian!!"

"MMmmm. Green Snack, awesome!! GRAPES!"

"Want some?"

"So Good!"


Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Little Dora


Trav and I took Alyssa to play at Kiddoz Saturday morning. We had a blast!

Lyss LOVES reading in the car

Looking Down


Boarding the Pirate Ship

Alyssa & Mommy

"Daddy, tie my shoe. . . also, did I mention I have to go potty?!"

Mom & Dad can't believe how BIG their little girl is getting!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Little Momma

Feeding Baby

"Who's next??"

So Sweet!!

"Cover up with blankey"


Aaaaaaaawwwwwww!!! So precious.

New Alyssa Pics

Big Brown Eyes!

Such a BIG girl!!

just playin' :)


Ssh! She's sleepin!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Alyssa says the cutest things

Alyssa is talking up a storm these days!! She'll repeat anything you say, so watch out!! She'll even hold a conversation if she's in the mood. Her favorite word, appears to be "No!" but we're working on breaking her of that. ;)

The first 3 syllable word she said perfectly was: "Magazine" She enunciates so well, it's super cute! :) We're working on teaching her "Quesenberry" but boy is that a tough one!

The other night Trav was trying to get her pj's on after her bath and she ran out of the room butt-naked, Trav called out to her "Alyssa, where are you going?" She so cutely responded with, "I'm going now. Bye Bye!" :D

She remembers names really well too, the other night our friend Ken came over for dinner and as soon as he walked in, Alyssa screamed "KEN!" after she hadn't seen him for quite a while.

She refers to her auntie Vicki as "Annie Bicki" and "Uncle Jordan" "Mamaw" "Poppy" and "Grandpa" are easy ones for her. She calls Ashley "Ashes" and can even pronounce her best friend's name with ease "Kayala"

She surprises me everyday with something new! And I'm trying to remember to write them all down because I want to remember all the cute things she used to say, when that day (a long looong time from now) comes when she turns into a teenager and trying to get her to say anything to me, will be like pulling teeth.

My hands down favorite, Alyssa phrase is none other than, I love you, which comes out more like "I Lub Boo" :)

Haven't got my 'blog on' for a while....

... and don't really have the time for it right now either, But...

I am proud to say, Alyssa Belle has been Binkie-free for over 24 hours!! She's gone to bed with out it and hasn't even cried for it once! I am so proud of her, she's growing up so fast! Just whatever you do, don't mention the B-word!! ;)