Thursday, February 25, 2010


I had the idea to redecorate Alyssa's room for her 3rd Birthday coming up in May. Since we are really tight on space here and we'll most likely be spending at least one more year in this house, we don't really have a lot of space to work with. So I'm thinking, new big girl bed, bedding, toy box, some new wall art, and if our landlord allows, maybe a new coat of paint on the walls.

Here are a few things I'm looking at:

Tinkerbell Bed-set


Toy Organizer

Well, it's a start. We also need to find a dresser I can paint white and add some Tinkerbell decals, but I'm hoping we can find one before May. I've also seen some awesome Tinkerbell wall art available online. Trav has mentioned he wants to put some shelves up for her stuffed animals and knick-knacks. Right now her room is just so cluttered with toys and there's no real "theme" to the room. I hope that we can move into a bigger house in the next couple years ,where we can have a playroom for all the girls toys, and another room for sleeping. And even if one day space isn't an issue, I really want them to share a room, because I think that allows for lots of bonding between sisters. Well thanks for looking, and if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!! I've never really decorated a room before, and I don't even want to think about what we need to do with the rest of the house... it's a "work in progress" but then again, isn't everything?! ;)

Sick Baby Pics

Still smiling, even when she's under the weather :)

She's recently discovered that hands are tasty! ;)

Starting to feel better, YAY!! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stuff we did. . .

Friday we celebrated Kaleb's birthday with him & Ash and baby Eva. We met them for dinner at Johnny Carino's and went to a friends' to play pool, ping pong, video games, ect... We had a blast and the girls were soo good the entire night, even though we had them out WAY past their bedtime!!

Saturday we really, really wanted to do nothing but sleep in and be lazy all day, but of course our children had other plans. ;) Lyssie woke us up bright and early! So I made a quick breakfast, we got ready, and headed into Bend for some family fun! First we did a little shopping...

I found this super cute hoodie for Olivia on sale 70% off and also found out that she can now fit into size 6 months at less than THREE months old!!
She is getting so big!!

And she is such a happy baby!! :)

After a little shopping, we headed to The Sun Mountain Fun Center. We hadn't been to the fun center since TJ's birthday last April. . .

Everytime we go Lyssie really enjoys the arcade (like father, like daughter!) So we split $20 on two game cards and took turns taking Lyssie to play games, while Olivia slept soundly in her stroller. Alyssa played tons of games and won a bunch of tickets. So before we left she cashed in her tickets and picked out her prizes. It was a super fun day! :)

Sunday we felt pretty good about all the fun we had over the weekend, so we went ahead and had the lazy day we had hoped for. I made french toast for breakfast. We lounged around the house, and Trav and I beat our first video game together, Lego Batman. (We're such nerds!!)

Yesterday, the girls and I went into Bend with Travis, dropped him off at the office, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed to the park. However, Olivia was not thrilled to be there and she was all around fussy when we arrived. I thought for sure we would have to cut the trip short and head home. But then Olivia finally calmed down enough to fall asleep, and Alyssa found a friend to play with. We ended up staying for a few hours while Olivia napped and Alyssa played with her friend on the playground. A while later, we picked Dad up from work, then stopped by the grocery store and headed home.

Okay well now for the cruddy part... somewhere in there, my sweet Olivia caught a cold. :( Just when I think we've made it through the cold & flu season, Baby gets sick!

Poor Baby!!

So far it's just Livy and Daddy who are showing symptoms. I've got Travis picking up lots of orange juice & vitamin C on his way home. And we've been turning our bathroom into a steam room for Olivia, turning the shower on HOT, hoping the steam will help with her congestion.

Here's Olivia sleeping in her bouncer in the steamy bathroom:

Now I don't know if it's just me, but whenever any member of my family gets sick, I get this innate urge to clean like a mad woman! So that's pretty much what I've been doing today. When I'm not sucking boogers out of Olivia's nose ~my least favorite thing to do on earth~ I've been cleaning & washing everything in sight, and praying this cold runs it's course QUICK!!

Tomorrow, I am hoping Livy starts feeling better so I can trade in this sad, miserable baby and get my happy, smiley baby back. ;) And I really, really hope my other little princess does NOT catch this nasty cold!!

Hope you're all staying well and doing great! Lots of love,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

Olivia Grace Quesenberry
10 weeks old
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